Everything online

More and more, I keep everything online. That way, it matters not what computer I’m using. Right now, my notebook is acting oddly so until it’s fixed, I’m using other computers. When everything is online, this becomes easy.

Here’s how I keep things online, and not on the PC. 

Email: I use Gmail and Yahoo mail for the bulk of my email now. They both have excellent anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities. The new Yahoo Mail, in beta now, is reputed to be the equal of Outlook or Thunderbird is terms of power and ease and should be available to all soon. 

MyBookmarks.com Upload your web browser bookmarks/favorites and access them online. Easy to use. Then just logon to MyBookmarks from anywhere and all your bookmarks are there. Plus, it’s free.

RSSBandit. This is a RSS reader with a feature I’ve not seen in other RSS readers. You can sync them to Newsgator. Use the PC version of RSSBandit to read your feeds, when done, upload them  to NewsGator. Go online, read them in NewsGator. When you get back to the PC, simply download the feeds, and everything is in sync. Wow. And it too is free.