Neocons lose again

Climate campaigners claim greatest ever success at Montreal

Humiliation for Bush as last-minute twist means an isolated US is forced to sign up for future talks on global warming

The fight against catastrophic global warming scored its greatest success to date yesterday, when negotiators from more than 180 nations unexpectedly agreed to develop far-reaching measures to combat climate change.

In the process, the delegates to the climate summit in Montreal dealt a humiliating blow to President George Bush’s five-year attempt to destroy the Kyoto Protocol. The United States, which tried to sabotage the meeting at the last minute by walking out of the negotiations, was forced to join the agreement after failing to persuade a single nation to join it.

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  1. […] But he is quite experienced at underhanded tactics. He drew up plans, funded by ExxonMobil, to destroy Europe’s support for the Kyoto treaty on climate change. The plan hoped to emulate the White Houses’s "success" in stalling progress on climate change. In a silly attempt at truth-twisting and Orwellian propaganda. Horner promoted the Bush administration position, suggesting the U.S. position be portrayed as leading a "new consensus." Really?. Well, since the US was humiliated at the conference, it appears the rest of the planet sees the US position as contemptible, since the ‘consensus’ was reached by precisely one nation, the United States.  […]

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