Ford and a ‘hate group”

Ford ally AFA promotes known "hate group" that "echoes Nazi Germany," per lead civil rights group

Ford Motor Company’s new friend, the extremist American Family Association (AFA), is promoting the research of a known "hate group" whose work "echoes Nazi German," according to one of America’s premiere civil rights groups (see samples below).

The hate group, the Family Research Institute (based in Colorado) is run by a discredited anti-gay researcher named Paul Cameron. What is most troubling about the AFA helping to disseminate Cameron’s "research" is that Cameron’s "institute" has been declared a "hate group" by the highly-regarded civil rights leader Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization best known for successfully taking on the Klan.

With Ford’s Nazi past, you’d think the company would be a bit more sensitive about aligning itself with those who promote Nazi-esque "science" in the year 2005. You’d think wrong.

Has Ford, the company or the family, ever apologized for or renounced the stomach-turning anti-Semitism of their patriarch, Henry Ford, Sr.? Just wondering…

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  1. Henry Ford was a nut, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. His $5 workday and later the 40-hour week were huge steps towards decent pay for factory workers, but he also hired goons to crush unions. He published an anti-Semitic newspaper, but his architect, Albert Kahn, who designed most of Ford’s factories and office buildings, was Jewish and a good friend. During World War I, Ford hired a big ship, filled it with American pacifists, and went to Europe to try and stop the war. Twenty years later, he was supporting Hitler. He treated associates like thug Harry Bennett like sons, but treated his own son Edsel like dirt. He tried unsuccessfully to screw his original Ford Motor Company investors out of the millions to which they were entitled. He seems to have undergone a transformation around 1920 from an eccentric but not-too-bad genius to a nasty old curmudgeon with way too much money.

    And while FMC is apologizing for Henry’s Nazi connections, they should probably throw in Robert McNamara and the other “whiz kids” who helped plan the firebombing of Japan before they came to Ford, and the brutal war in Vietnam after they left.

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