The al-Jazeera memo

Blair Watch has spearheaded the "I’ll print the Al-Jazeera memo" campaign. We need to get it on as many websites and blogs as possible. So far, over 300 have signed on.

Our pledge; we are just short if 300 sites who are prepared to publish now, and they are still coming in. I am not suggesting that we are going to make anything happen, but we are definitely making it harder to prosecute anyone who does publish the memo.

BBC Newsnight mentioned the internet campaign to publish, and the Times ran a rather optimistic piece suggesting bloggers [that means you] were making Lord Goldsmith’s position more difficult.

We are also keeping the story alive.

The best way to help is to put the ‘I’ll Publish the al-Jazeera Memo" button on your front page if you have the space and the inclination.

Here’s the cut-and-paste code.