Inflatable Dartboard re-inflates


This graphic is from Monk at Inflatable Dartboard. He has lots more amazing Photoshopped graphics online. On Monday he posted he was quitting blogging after getting a huge tax bill from the IRS. Happily though he returned today.

I realized that even though I tried to leave the blog, the blog hasn’t left me. All day today I was still being bombarded by ideas for articles and graphics.

Second, I am deeply humbled by all the comments and emails I’ve received asking me to continue and offering support. Thank you all very, very much.

I will continue to fight the fight as best I can. The political pendulum has reached it’s apex and now is the time to help give it the momentum it needs. I can’t quit now.

Many in the comments said, hey, Add a PayPal button, so he did. I just donated, maybe you can too.

It is with slight trepidation and sincere motives that I’ve added a donate button to the sidebar.

Welcome back, Monk, we need you.