Blair didn’t think it was a joke


But a senior official at 10 Downing Street, Blair’s official residence, who insisted on anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject, recently seemed to give credence to the Al-Jazeera threat. The official told Newsweek London Bureau chief Stryker McGuire:  "I don’t think Tony Blair thought it was a joke."

How interesting that leaks like this are happening and that they are anti-Bush.


  1. I don’t know about the leaks out of Britain, but I think alot of the leaks in the US are coming for two connected reasons.

    1) With the Bush Whitehouse listing, and with Rove losing his focus and his teeth with a possible Plame indictment hanging over him, the fear of the famous Rove retribution is gone. It is being outweighed by

    2) A lot of the leakers are trying to spin stories away from them. As the discipline has broken down, leakers are seeming to want to jump out front to frame the stories to their advantage. Kind of a rush to the exits scenario.

    Also, I would wager that some of it is coming in as retribution for all the bad deeds this admin has been doling out over the years. Like piling on.

    I don’t know British politics, but with a greatly weakened Blair, I would guess some of these have come into play there as well.


  2. Blair’s day are numbered, but he is still dangerous, his messianic zeal propels him blindly forward.

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