D.C. scandal with tentacles

The plot is over the top and ever-expanding. The cast of characters is so convoluted you’ll need a map, a calculator and a wall chart to keep up.

Lobbyists. Indian tribes. Casinos. Religious conservatives. Antitax crusaders. Tens of millions of dollars. Dubiously timed legislative actions. Speculation about widespread political corruption. Suspect charities and incriminating e-mails. Tentacles to the White House and the campaign coffers of more than 100 former and current members of Congress. Cameos in the Pacific, West Africa, Scotland and Israel. The mob and a gangland murder in South Florida. A congressional investigation led by a senator with an eye on the presidency. And teams of federal prosecutors going after the goods.

It is a real-life intrigue known as the Jack Abramoff affair.

This story is getting huge traction now, with more and more coverage every day. Much as the craven and complicit in Congress would like to bury it, they no longer can. The whole country is watching. I wonder, who will be the first to start singing to save themselves, and how many members of Congress will eventually be indicted? Quite a few, from what I’ve been reading. Good. The corruption is widespread and engulfs both parties.