Mass transit slowly comes to LA

The new Orange Line here in LA runs close to where we live. It’s a dedicated busway running on what used to be a train track, stopping only at major intersections, and ends at the North Hollywood subway station. From there you can get to Hollywood, downtown, and even LAX. It’s a mere $3 for a day pass, and that includes buses and subways. Plus, amazingly, it’s on the honor system. No turnstiles.

We’ve been using it quite a lot. Compared to other major cities, it’s a tiny subway system. But it’s slowly growing. And it’s real nice to not have to get on the endlessly clogged LA freeways.

The Orange Line crosses major intersections. There are stop lights, and flashing lights saying ‘bus coming’ yet amazingly, in the month or so it’s been open, several motorists have managed to run red lights and run into the quite large Orange Line articulated buses. I mean, how can you NOT see red lights and large buses? Too busy chatting on the cell while drinking a latte, maybe?

Note to the stupified: Police are lurking at Orange Line intersections, ready to pounce on red light runners – and the ticket is over $500.

So to all you clueless LA drivers. Please stop running into Orange Line buses. Thanks so much.

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  1. As Don McLean said:

    When the guard rail’s is down, and the lights are all flashing
    And the whistles are screaming in vain
    And you stay on the tracks, ignoring the facts,
    You can’t blame the wreck on the train.

    Good about the Bush administration, but equally valid about Orange Line accidents.

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