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Who Is Jack Abramoff?

If you haven’t heard of Jack Abramoff already, you will before long. He is the central figure in a burgeoning scandal that is entangling several members of Congress, some Executive Department officials and a number of their wives.

Mr. Abramoff and Rep. Tom DeLay, the former House majority leader, are targets of the Justice Department probe. Prosecutors have warned one lawmaker, Rep. Robert W. Ney, R-Ohio, and his former chief of staff that they are preparing a possible bribery case against them.

Is the end near for Ney?

Mounting evidence of the Republican congressman’s unseemly dealings in the Abramoff corruption scandal bodes ill for the "mayor of Capitol Hill."

Dorgan aided Abramoff client, used skybox

The Democrat helping to lead the Senate investigation into Jack Abramoff‘s Indian lobbying had his own connections to the controversial lobbyist‘s team and clients, including using his sports arena skybox to raise money.

Be still my heart

Three Texas watchdog groups asked a Texas county official Thursday to investigate former Christian Coalition director Ralph Reed, who worked with lobbyist Jack Abramoff to press state officials to shut down two Texas tribal casinos.

And on and on it goes. Lots of money and influence-peddling, all quite bi-partisan too, so don’t fool yourselves Democrats, the corruption is everywhere. We have a Congress composed primarily of multi-millionaires, beholden to their own class, who care little for those they profess to represent.

John Kerry is worth over 600 million. Dianne Feinstein’s husband is a billionaire. Do you think either of them, or any senator for that matter, goes shopping at Ralph’s or has any actual contact with people outside their little protective bubble? Of course not. They live inside a cocoon of privilege, power, and money, members of what Marxists call the ruling class. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that ruling class has become divorced from reality and is apparently terminally corrupt.

That’s why the Abramoff’s have such power and influence. Because the rest of them like it that way. I mean, I don’t hear Congress protesting much about this, do you? Their silence (and complicity) speaks volumes.

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  1. The ruling class are always corrupt, that’s how they get their power and that’s how they try to hold on to their power. To them it is not corruption it is just looking after themselves and their class. We don’t count, we are there to be used to create wealth for them. They would not understand that wealth should be shared and mutualaid means everybody.

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