1. First priority is our children. I’m a parent of 2 public school students 4th and 5th grades I have been taunted and waved out of school offices when I’ve attempted to complain(usually safety issues)I’ve been accused of being a disturbance for complaining politely. I’ve appologized and taken full responsibility because my complaint offended them. I don’t complain any more. Not even if there is a serious hazard. Because they retaliate on the kids. I’m very amazed at how petty and cruel most school emplyees are including principals. Once a principle even followed me as I left quietly, taunting “have a good day” over and over after i tried complaining of a safety issue. The law requires me to leave my children w/these people.

  2. One of the hardest things that parents must do in this life is leave thaere children in a crowded place where the adults who are in charge are petty cruel, defensive, and revengeful. Parents, I had to learn this valuable lesson the hard way over the years- Before I make a complaint or even a suggestion I stop myself because I have to remember that I am leaving my children there and I will not be there to protect them. So all I can do is try to be a buffer between staff and them. Keep volunteering and just try to be helpful without verbalizing you opinion directly. Teach your kids hw to be a buffer also so we can all try to make being in school a learning experience, not just another sad day for the kids. PS Keep supporting Arnold.

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