Breaking: Confirmed. There are two al-Jazeera memos

From Blair Watch

We have had our suspicions (argued below) that the Times memo and the Mirror memo citing Bush’s plans to bomb al-Jazeera are entirely different documents confirmed by Peter Kilfoyle MP, who has seen both documents.

He was naturally reticent, but when we aked Peter if the source for the Mirror article was related to the ‘prosecution’ of and Keogh and O’Connor over last years leak to the Times he said:

Wholly different sources.
The Times used ‘official’ leaks; the current document remains top secret – they are livid it is out.

We have also had it confirmed that Keogh and O’Connor are only facing one set of charges, over one document.

If what was reported by the BBC prior to the Mirror story is correct; That Keogh and O’Connor are being prosecuted over the leak of the document ‘Iraq in The Medium Term’ as published in the Times [May 2004], and not for leaking the source of the Mirror article then Blair and his official spokesman would be leaving themselves wide open by describing the Mirror story as ‘sub-judice’.

If the mirror is correct in it’s assertion that Keogh and O’Connor are being charged over the source of their story [the transcript], then the story reported by the BBC about them being charged over the leaking of ‘Iraq in the Medium Term’ memo was a construct, a ‘beard’ to cover up the existence of the document refered by the Mirror.

This means our government must have pre planned and disseminated the lie [or spin if you prefer]; that Keogh and O’connor were being prosecuted over the leaking of the ‘Iraq in the medium term’ memo.

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And bloggers are first with important news yet again! (As a personal note, I’m happy to see an old blogging pal, Quarsan, is involved with Blair Watch.)

5 thoughts on “Breaking: Confirmed. There are two al-Jazeera memos

  1. something about lies and tangles and weaving…
    something about practicing, and starting…
    something about webs and deception…

    good find.

  2. From what I have read in numerous political blogs, those who
    leaked info about BushCo’s intent to bomb al-Jazeera HQ in Qatar have
    gotten themselves in a mell of a hess with British authorities. Perhaps
    I am not sufficiently astute politically, but I don’t see how their
    problems could be any worse if they had leaked pdf or other document image
    copies of the acutal memo itself. SO WHY HAVEN’T THEY DONE SO?!?

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