Former US Atty General to aid Saddam

Ramsey Clark arrives to assist Saddam defense

Clark has been advising nearly a dozen international lawyers on Saddam’s defense team. He has contended that Saddam’s rights have been violated in the legal process following his capture.

But a U.S. government official close to the court said the defense team had not filed the proper paperwork to have a non-Iraqi lawyer in the courtroom.

Shouldn’t what happens in Iraqi courts be decided by Iraqis, not interfered with by the US? (Whoa, you don’t think Dubya is thinking of bombing Ramsey Clark too, do you?)

Some history: Clark co-founded the International Action Center which, with other groups, founded the ANSWER Coalition three days after 9/11 because they knew what was coming. And they were quite correct. (IAC is no longer a coalition partner of ANSWER.)