Tookie: If he’s killed, dig in

So, let’s say Tookie is executed. The word spreads, and the rage held by Crips in California prisons is unleashed on the correctional officers. They use every weapon in their arsenal — from razors to shanks to tooth-brushes to attack their captors. And when they attack, it’s going to get ugly, an all-out war.

The African proverb goes “To ask is not to steal.” Well, the question that needs to be asked is, “Can someone please do something to avoid a tragedy of massive proportions?”

The problem is someone can, but they don’t appear poised to. Police unions are asking for Tookie’s death to be expedited, the good Governor is in China trying to drum up business — but getting signatures based on fame instead. So it appears we’re on course for a disaster. Dig in.

I think there’s a reasonable chance Schwarzenegger might commute. Let’s hope so. The above reinforces the rumor all California prisons will go into complete lockdown a week before and after Tookie’s execution, which is scheduled for Dec. 13.

8 thoughts on “Tookie: If he’s killed, dig in

  1. Hopefully we won’t find out, but my guess is that if
    Tookie is killed, the anger and violence won’t stop
    at the prison walls.

  2. How about this?

    If there are riots in CA prisons, prosecute any rioters to the full extent of
    the law. If any guard are killed, then try the prisoners for capital murder,
    and when they’re convicted they can share Tookie’s cell.

    Not following through on capital punishment because prisoners might riot
    is both stupid and cowardly. Instead, the CA prison officials should be
    ensuring that the guards on the prison walls have clean rifles and plenty
    of ammunition.

    But that’s just me.

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