Malo went missing

Malo The Flesh Eating Turtle From Hell is our pet Red Slider turtle. He lives in a tiny pond outside and likes to nibble on carrots and fingers. This week he went missing. Sue and I couldn’t find him, Sandy did though.

Turtles get really annoyed when you uncover the vegetation they’ve buried themselves under to hibernate for the winter. They make a really loud scary hiss. Seriously.

Now that we know where he is, we will allow him to slumber undisturbed until spring.

When he was a wee tyke he lived in a bathtub. But he kept escaping. One day Sue came home to find the cats cowering in the living room and Malo under the bed with a tuft of cat hair in his mouth.

So, I suspect, the cats will let him slumber too.

Here’s another photo of him

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