Abramoff, Norquist, and Reed

Well lookee here, some very big neocon fish indeed are getting implicated in the ever-increasing Abramoff investigations.

(Sen. Dorgan) suggested, and McCain agreed, that the investigation should continue, beginning with a focus on the Sandia Pueblo of New Mexico, a small tribe that was allegedly defrauded of $2.7 million.

Of particular concern, Dorgan said, was the misuse of nonprofit organizations to launder money that was then used for political influence peddling and personal projects.

Among the names mentioned frequently in the hundreds of e-mails released were Republican and Christian Coalition Director Ralph Reed and conservative anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, founder of the political action committee Americans for Tax Reform.

According to the evidence, Reed received hundreds of thousands of dollars from one of Abramoff’s tribal clients to organize “grass-roots” opposition to a proposed casino by a rival tribe. The payments were funneled through a nonprofit organization in order to obscure the fact that Reed, who is publicly against gambling, was taking casino money.

Just another greedy hypocrite hiding behind religion.