Clear Channel’s ‘Kill Tookie Hour’

This is not a parody… Clear Channel, a reactionary right wing radio chain is broadcasting this sickening, inflammatory garbage.

Please join a coalition of community leaders and activists as we protest Clear Channel station KFI 640 AM for its continued blatant racism and bigotry and announce a formal complaint filed with the Federal Communications Commission.

KFI 640 AM hosts John and Ken of the John and Ken Show have designated the hour of 5 p.m. as the “Tookie Must Die/Kill Tookie” hour on KFI 640 AM everday Monday through Friday until and if Williams is executed by the State of California on December 13, 2005.


  1. What you fail to realize is that KFI has done the same exact thing to at least 5 white murderers. What’s so racist about that?

    Why hasn’t any young black males publicly come forward to offer testimony about how Tookie and his so called redemption has inspired real change in the community?

    Redemption requires repentance, and repentance requires an admission of guilt, yet Tookie denys guilt in all of the crimes for which he is imprisioned.

    Somebody get that poor black child a bible and a dictionary, oh and a tombstone too.

  2. Clear Channel is vicious and bloodthirsty, a given, we agree. To which we can add racist when it suits their purposes.

    Many — including Nobel Laureates — have come forward to testify to the good he’s done. Tookie has also repented repeatedly for the gang life. I’m surprised that you don’t know these facts.

    Tookie denies the charges, stating he didn’t do the crimes. Perhaps he did not. But wouldn’t the chances of his sentence being commuted be better if he did admit to the murders?

    But if he *did* murder, what will taking his life accomplish? Would it bring back to life the people who died? No. Would it prevent others from murdering? No.

    However, Tookie alive and advocating a law-abiding, peaceful life — that has already proven a powerful anti-crime and anti-gang message.

    Btw calling an adult black man a ‘child’ displays thinly veiled racism.

    Bob & Sue

  3. Will someone, for once consider the victims!!! If anyone
    deserves the death penalty, it is the founder of a violent
    drug gang that has decimated entire communities, killed scores
    of young black men and women, and led many more to prison, drugs
    and crime. Mr. Tookie should have taken his organizational
    skills and started a construction company, job or daycare
    center. Facing death, will make most people “repent”. What else
    can you do when you are in a cell, alone for 23 hours a day? Now can
    the good people who work hard to contribute positively to society
    get the same type of media exposure as the Tookies of the world?

  4. Williams has repented for the gang life but says he can not take responsibility for a crime he did not commit. Were he to do so, he’d probably have a better chance of getting his sentence commuted too.

    This case has gotten worldwide attention and many, including Nobel Laureates, believe the work he’s done stopping gang violence is huge and praiseworthy.

  5. The Nobel prize was awarded by a European politician who doesnt like the fact that t here in
    american we have a death penalty. he said he wanted to “raise the issue” I really
    am not into the deaht penalty but I am angered that this is being turned
    into a race issue. I am black and i do favor his death only becaue of the propoganda
    campaign by hollywood and left wingers who will support every criminal, sexual predeor,
    and the governments response to his request for clemency. ignore the s
    smoke and mirros and check out the facts. what about the vicitms.

  6. The death penalty doesn’t deter crime at all. The massive amount of press around Stanley Williams is not hollywood propaganda, it’s due to the great amount of grassroots support he has in the world. Why? He has been a messenger of hope and a positive influence on young people’s lives, that’s more than Arnold or the shock jocks on KFI 640am can say. They can’t even hold a candle to that.

  7. its rediculous how people blame tookie for every crip in the world esspecialy when he has not been on the streets in 25 years. in that case is the four fathers are responsible for all of americas past.and just because someone is convicted of something doesnt mean they are actually guilty.remember he went to the grave saying hr didnt do it.and what does the death penalty really do for society?nothing!in all death penalty cases isnt the govorner the mob boss and the exicutioner the murder for hire? they are also killers themselves.and if the death penalty is suppose to be right then why cant people kill the aleged killer themselves? what would be the differeence?nothing!

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