James McMurtry. ‘We Can’t Make It Here’

From In My Own Way commenting on our Steve Earle post

James McMurtry is a good ol’ boy from Texas who has more that a few words for the Bush regime that’s destroying this country. You can download his fine song: "We Can’t Make It Here" at the following address for free.

James McMurtry

Bernie Sanders has his permission to use it for his campaign next year.

His album, "Live in Aught-Three" is a delightful live take on his music, on which he gets to zing ‘W’ a couple times during his between song patter.

Bernie Sanders is running for the Senate in Vermont as an independent. A long time member of the House, he is the most popular politician in the state, his election is assured, and, oh yeah, he’s socialist.  That’s right, come 2006, there will be a real live socialist in the US Senate.

Download the McMurty song. Then check out the rest of Compadre Records for some quite amazing roots music.

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