Bob Woodward. Covering for the neocons?

Joseph Wilson, the husband of outed CIA operative Valerie Plame, called on Thursday for an inquiry by The Washington Post into the conduct of journalist Bob Woodward, who repeatedly criticized the leak investigation without disclosing his own involvement.

"It certainly gives the appearance of a conflict of interest. He was taking an advocacy position when he was a party to it," Wilson said.

Woodward only came public after Libby’s indictment, and when it would help Libby.

Before publicly disclosing his involvement in the leak case on Wednesday, Woodward was a frequent critic of Fitzgerald’s investigation in television and radio appearances. Woodward has described the case as laughable and Fitzgerald’s behavior as "disgraceful" and has referred to him as "a junkyard dog."

One day before Libby was charged, Woodward said he saw no evidence of criminal intent. 

Woodward appears to be running interference for the same kind of White House machinations that he became famous for uncovering during Watergate. His fall from grace may  be as jarring and as final as Judith Miller’s.

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