Tookie Williams will be executed on Dec. 13 unless Schwarzenegger commutes the sentence (not likely.) Williams is an ex-Crip who renounced the gang life. He’s worked tirelessly while in prison to steer children from the gang life. He’s been nominated for a Nobel Prize several times.

Williams first publicly came out against gang violence in April 1993, making a videotaped speech from death row renouncing violence, which was played at a peace meeting held by Hands Against Watts. Then, in April 1997, he issued "The Apology," for his role in founding the Crips, to "the children of America and South Africa — who must cope every day with dangerous street gangs. I no longer participate in the so-called gangster lifestyle, and I deeply regret that I ever did."

He later was nominated repeatedly for the Nobel Prize for writing a children’s book series warning youths against joining gangs.

He says he didn’t do the murders and many have raised questions about the fairness of his trial. If he isn’t executed, then he can continue his anti-gang work. Nothing is gained by killing him.

His website has more

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