Medical research ‘biased towards diseases of rich Westerners

A report into malaria research funding found stark inequalities between the amount of money spent on predominantly Western illnesses and diseases that kill millions every year in developing nations.

"It’s really a tragedy when the world has done so little to stop this disease that kills 2,000 African children every day," Bill Gates told the AP news agency. "If those children were in rich countries, we would have headlines, we’d take action.

The Microsoft boss was speaking after announcing $258.3m (£145m) in new grants to combat the disease through his charity organisation.

Gates is genuinely doing much good with his foundation. A while back he started scholarships in the US for high-achiever high school students of color. If accepted by the scholarship fund, then college and grad/medical school is on the Gates foundation. This is a well-thought-out and implemented plan that will help many. Ditto for this new donation to fight malaria. 

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