1. What happened to the original format that I used to read on a daily basis?

  2. Changing over now? Let the games begin! Good luck.

  3. I’m confused, I normally come to this site and read a lot of excellent information and opinions. Now I’m looking at a page dated 1969.
    What has happened in the interim? How do I get back to the wonderful read that I used to get. Do I have to go to my own site http://www.radicalglasgow.me.uk to get some decent opinions? Sadly they are not knew to me as I wrote the lot myself.

  4. I moved the site to a new server and am using a new blog platform. When I installed WordPress on the new site, it defaults to an opening post with that goofy 1969 date.

    Once the domain name switch was completed, then I could blog in WordPress, and then changed the date of this post to the correct date.

    Ann: I’ll check out RadicalGlasgow!

    Gordon: Yikes, there’s a WHOLE LOT of details involved in moving a blog.

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