Hello world. Welcome to the new Polizeros!

This is the new site for Polizeros. It runs under WordPress now. Expect the look and feel to be changing in the next few days as I tweak this site.

All the content from the old Polizeros will be moved here in day or so.

And away we go….!


  1. What happened to the original format that I used to read on a daily basis?

  2. Changing over now? Let the games begin! Good luck.

  3. I’m confused, I normally come to this site and read a lot of excellent information and opinions. Now I’m looking at a page dated 1969.
    What has happened in the interim? How do I get back to the wonderful read that I used to get. Do I have to go to my own site http://www.radicalglasgow.me.uk to get some decent opinions? Sadly they are not knew to me as I wrote the lot myself.

  4. I moved the site to a new server and am using a new blog platform. When I installed WordPress on the new site, it defaults to an opening post with that goofy 1969 date.

    Once the domain name switch was completed, then I could blog in WordPress, and then changed the date of this post to the correct date.

    Ann: I’ll check out RadicalGlasgow!

    Gordon: Yikes, there’s a WHOLE LOT of details involved in moving a blog.

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