China defends its ‘socialist’ democracy

The Chinese paper
was released on the same day Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld
visited an elite Communist Party university in Beijing and urged this
nation to become more open, forthcoming and accountable.

Uh, huh, Rumsfeld, paragon of openness and accountability, lectures to
China on same. Such monumental hypocrisy, especially coming from such a
master of evasion and lies, I’m sure the Chinese were suitably

The article does its best to slime China for not acting as predatory
capitalists in the US demand it should. How dare they be socialist. But
US capitalists never attack China too hard. That’s because they’re
slobbering with greed at how many widgets they could sell in China,
thus they don’t want to overly honk off the Chinese government. Ah, the
contradictions of capitalism.