Sept. 24 in S.F.

Photos and coverage from Lefti on the News 1., 2.

Plus media coverage and lack thereof on the web,

On Thursday, Lefti blogged

Incidentally, as far as I can tell from searching, the two leading liberal blogs, Atrios (Eschaton) and Daily Kos, have yet to mention the march on September 24 (or even the “respectable” lobbying on the September 26); one of the major “second tier” blogs, Oliver Willis, actually polemicized against protesting. This is what happens when your entire orientation is to the Democratic Party.

Guess what, Kos and Atrios, two supposedly liberal/progressive blogs
STILL haven’t mentioned Sept. 24. God forbid they should stop the
armchair debating society and actually DO something to end the war they
claim to oppose.