From Kirsten in Santa Cruz 

The whole thing is horrifying–they’re treating people worse than most of us would treat animals. And so clearly, it seems a race thing, that the poor of New Orleans are black and they have been treated like hell. I’ve heard so many people talk about “ethnic cleansing.”

A friend of mine has a daughter who lives in Baton Rouge. As of yesterday, they still have no electricity or ability to buy gas. The population has gone from 400,000 to 800,000 practically overnight. She says it is like a war zone–people all over, no way to get food from the places that are open–people stealing. She says the outlying towns are just as bad .And none of it is covered by the media–it’s being whitewashed.

I think this mess has uncovered the “dirty little secret” that is all over America. It also shows how threadbare all the high and mighty talk of our power and might is, and it REALLY shows the hypocrisy of us as a fine, upstanding, Christian nation. What empty, meaningless crap. What I appreciate is wonderful people like your area’s Maxine Waters and my area’s Barbara Lee going down there and raising hell. Where are Boxer and Feinstein? Isn’t it fascinating how many so-called liberals are silent?