US senators: Global warming obvious in far north

Fresh from visits to Canada’s Yukon Territory and Alaska’s northernmost city, four U.S. senators said on Wednesday that signs of rising temperatures on Earth are obvious and they called on Congress to act.

“If you can go to the Native people and listen to their stories and walk away with any doubt that something’s going on, I just think you’re not listening,” said Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Dubya, even your own are saying global warming is real and we need action now.

PS Santa Claus asks for global warming relief

Santa Claus is coming to towns early this year, fleeing the North Pole in his kayak to raise awareness about global warming. Due to changes in global climate conditions, Santa’s Arctic homeland is rapidly melting and threatening the elves’ workshop. This summer, Santa and an elite group of his elfin assistants will dash into major cities to educate citizens, politicians and business on ways to prevent global warming.

“I don’t want to be ho-ho-homeless!” said Santa, in an emotional pre-event interview.