Schwarzenegger, Guard withhold e-mails in spying probe

The Schwarzenegger administration and California National Guard are refusing to make public a series of 20 e-mails between two of the governor’s spokesmen and a Guard official regarding a Mercury News story in June that revealed the existence of an intelligence-gathering unit.

The unit was gathering intelligence on antiwar and peace groups.

Sen. Joe Dunn, D-Garden Grove, who is heading a probe into the unit, said the refusal only furthers suspicion the Guard unit may have engaged in domestic spying.

The Guard also acknowledged Wednesday that seven of its computers went missing around the time the story was published and just recently reappeared.

Uh huh, “went missing”..

“Given the evasive position that the governor’s office has taken, it raises one critical question: `Governor, what are you hiding?’ ” Dunn said. “Knowing that invoking executive privilege is a very serious consideration and that the governor could take a big political hit for this, I have to believe there is something more in play here.”