Madness risen from Hell

Britain’s Muslim scapegoats

Huge rise in race attacks on all ethnic minorities across Britain. Senior Tory MP tells Muslims: ‘If you don’t like our way of life, get out’. Senior Muslim tells women not to wear veils in public for fear of assault.

Police reported that faith-hate crimes had risen by 600 per cent compared with last year.

Israeli lynched after shooting four Arabs

A teenaged Israeli gunman has been lynched after killing four people on a bus in an Israli Arab town.

Eyewitnesses quoted on Israeli television described the gunman as bearded and wearing a Jewish skull cap and military uniform. Media reports said he was absent without leave from his army unit, and was a member of the extremist Kach party.

“If this attack had occurred in a Jewish neighbourhood and the attacker was Arab, he would have been killed immediately,” one unnamed witness was quoted as saying by the Jerusalem Post.

When governments act like thugs, some of the populace will do likewise.