No protection for Judith Miller.

FAIR says Judith Miller (one of the main media cheerleaders for the war) should get no protection nor be applauded for refusing to divulge her sources. Why? Because her sources came from within the government and were simply trying to destroy the wife of someone who displeased them. Hence she is protecting government wrongdoing, not principled whistleblowers.

FAIR, the national media watch group, encourages the reporters and news outlets who have been asked to reveal their sources in the Valerie Plame and Wen Ho Lee cases to cooperate with investigators. Protecting the identities of confidential sources is a journalistic right that should be recognized by the courts, but only when it protects genuine whistle-blowers, not when it shields government wrongdoing.

Unless one believes that the government ought to be able to surreptitiously use its enormous information-gathering powers to attack opponents with impunity, investigators must have the ability to ask journalists for their sources in such cases, and to compel them if necessary.