London calling

London bombing: more devices found

US Authorities have told ABC News that British police recovered two unexploded bombs from the scene of the terror attacks in London.

The statement claiming responsibility was a bit odd.

The statement was published on an Islamic web site. Minutes later, it was removed from the web site itself because it contained an error in one of the Quaranic verses and al-Qaida doesn’t usually do that, but the same statement was published (later) on a secular web site.

Plus a completely unknown group said they did it.

From my friend Wood in Wales

Oh, no.

London transport infrastructure brought to a standstill; people injured and killed, no idea how many yet.

Christian me: prayers for the dead, wounded and bereaved; intense sorrow about the whole affair.

Cynical me: I predict that some conspiracy nut out there is going to say that the British Government staged this in order to justify our commitment to the “War on Terror”. I give it forty-eight hours. How long did it take after 11/9/2001? About a week?

I agree with Wood, that there are conspiracy nuts but there are also Reichstag Fires. Some in the violent radical fringe of political factions favor random violence because they believe it will increase repression which then will cause the people to rise up, followed by the collapse of the government. Uh huh. And what if the government just shoots or jails everyone? Not to mention all the dead and maimed innocent bystanders.

Expect the Bushs and Blairs of the world to use this to attack the antiwar movement though. All the more reason to organize

A few days after the Northridge Quake here in L.A, there was a sense of a battered city slowly rising from its knees, standing up again. NYC did the same after 9/11. London will too.