G8 festivities commence tomorrow

Police scuffle with G8 protesters

Police and protesters scuffled in Edinburgh ahead of Wednesday’s G8 summit as officials braced for more demonstrations and the possibility of a terrorist attack.

Nice move that, linking demonstrators with terrorism.

One clown waved a carrot at a police horse, while other protesters kissed police riot shields, leaving lipstick marks.

An obvious terrorist ploy, the lipstick clearly being a plastic explosive.

G8 summit, a beacon of freedom and openness

At Gleneagles, the rural site for the Group of Eight summit north of Edinburgh, 10,000 police were on standby amid watchtowers, surveillance cameras, a no-fly zone and a five-mile ring of steel around the hotel and country club.

King George the Paranoid is bringing 2000 US Marines to protect him… from what? Apparently he believes the full force of the British Army isn’t up to the job so he insists US troops be with him on foreign soil. What kind of message does that send?

Police brutality at G8 protest in Edinburgh.

Reports of excessive force by Lothian and Borders police against protestors and bystanders in Edinburghs financial district.

Around 200 protesters and by standers where herded into Canning Street at 12.30Pm by Police in riot gear. Eye witness reports say the police were extremely heavy handed and seemed to be promoting violence amongst the crowd.

Danny Schechter, the News Dissector opines this could be “A Seattle in Scotland?” (Read his entire post, it’s comprehensive and quite excellent)

Writing in the New Statesman, the British-based John Pilger is even more critical:

“The illusion of an anti establishment crusade led by pop stars – a cultivated, controlling image of rebellion – serves to dilute a great political movement of anger. In summit after summit, not a single significant “promise” of the G8 has been kept, and the “victory for millions” is no different. It is a fraud – actually a setback to reducing poverty in Africa. Entirely conditional on vicious,discredited economic programs imposed by the World Bank and the IMF, the “package” will ensure that the “chosen” countries slip deeper into poverty.

Breaking news will appear quickly on Scotland IndyMedia and The Scotsman (if their servers can handle the world logging on to see what’s happening.)