iTunes now supports podcasting!

Apple’s iTunes now has a directory of several thousand podcasts, all downloadable. Wahoo! The podcasting world celebrated this auspicious event by having its servers melt down under the increased load.

From Adam Curry

Well, the big day is finally here, iTunes 4.9 is released! Of course Murphy snuck in overnight, looks like the akamaization of the podcasts isn’t working as planned, the whole world started showing up at our door this morning…

The engineers are working on it as we speak.

I can’t even get onto the mothership, iPodder. Either the connection is refused or nothing appears, a sure sign of servers being pounded by a huge load.

Dave Winer wonders if iTunes has a proprietary format

 Does Apple not read OPML subscription lists? If so, it’s hard to say it’s a podcasting client. Do they export subscription lists? If so, in what format? If not at all, that’s lock-in, a Roach Motel.

A Roach Motel is where something goes in but never comes out, the opposite of open source. If so, that would be a dumb move by Apple.