Supremes back the anti-Gnomedex Borg

The Supreme Court has given the entertainment cartel and emerging broadband duopoly just what they wanted. You, and innovation, lost.

The high court said that Grokster and other file-sharing companies can be sued if their products are designed for copyright infringement and don’t have safeguards to protect copyrighted material.

If the decision basically overturns the Sony ruling from two decades ago, we’re in trouble. That one held that a product with substantial non-infringing uses was legal.

Do you care? Or are you a sheep, baa baa, ready to be just a consumer of the crap Hollywood feeds you? Are you willing to let the phone and cable companies dominate tomorrow’s media, having built “their” networks on the backs of monopoly deals with government that they now leverage to capture entirely new markets? Baa baa.

If you care, fight back.

Whether you’re on the streets protesting the Iraq War or mobilizing the Net to oppose a Supreme Court decision, it’s all the same fight, isn’t it? The enemy is a concentration of power that cares little about what you think and they will invade countries based on lies or try to lock up the media so only their view is heard. (Check J.D. Lasica’s Darknet for more on this.) Silicon Valley libertarians and antiwar activists stand opposed to the same Borg.