Neocons torpedo global warming agreement

Blair has ‘caved in to US over global warming’

The Prime Minister was today accused of caving in to George Bush over moves to make rich nations tackle global warming.

Green campaigners hit out after a leaked draft statement for next month’s G8 summit seemed to have been diluted to appease the US.

U.S. resists strong language on global warming planned for coming G-8 summit

All of the changes in the June 14 draft are the result of the White House refusing to be part of any statement that says that action on climate change is urgent, that impacts are already being felt and that the science is strong,” Philip Clapp, president of National Environmental Trust, said Friday. 

“The president refuses still to acknowledge that reducing global warming pollution is urgent, and that the developed nations have a responsibility to take the lead in reducing it,” he said. 

Bush aide who doctored global warming documents joins ExxonMobil.

As usual, the Bushies are deliberately distorting the truth, making shit up, trying the ram their extreme right agenda down everyone else’s throats, scientific fact be damned. They’re like the Flat Earth Society. “Our minds are made up, don’t confuse us with the facts.”