Papal politics

Some Cardinals are calling for John Paul to be canonized. Why so soon?

The movement for canonization may be tied to pre-conclave maneuvering. According to this interpretation, it is an effort to build a consensus of like-minded cardinals, or even to position one of John Paul’s inner circle as the best successor. The theory is that only someone of great weight, like a Cardinal Ratzinger or Cardinal Ruini, someone close to the pope or his thinking, could follow a man of such spiritual magnitude.

Uh huh. Sounds like Cardinal “No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition” Ratzinger wants to be Pope or at least be kingmaker in choosing the Pope.

Update: Ratzinger said gaining papal elector favor

Support for German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger appears to be building ahead of the conclave to select a new pope, Italian newspapers reported Wednesday