Well now it’s just getting silly

Calls for sainthood as Pope laid to rest

THE LA Times this morning had about twenty pages this morning on the funeral, complete huge photos and in-depth articles on anything even tangentially related. Um, aren’t the calls for sainthood just a teensy bit overblown? Rumors they will evacate the the coffin and open it on Sunday to see if he’s risen to heaven are, as yet, unconfirmed.

The Royal Wedding should monopolize the media for the next several days. Hey, Charles didn’t marry a bimbo decades younger than him. He married a woman his age and took huge hits for doing so. That should count for something.

Once the media has spent themselves on the Pope and the wedding, it’ll be back to crucifying Michael Jackson. He may be guilty, however the media seems intent on destroying him.  Adam Curry has repeatedly said on his podcast, isn’t it innocent until proven guilty, and I agree.

What happens when Jackson takes the stand? No bodyguards to run interference for him then.