Yahoo gets it

Yahoo isn’t flashy. However they have a huge amount of highly useful free and premium services.

I’m using Y! Plus now, it’s $1.99 a month, and installs its own browser that has lots of custom and advanced features for when you are on Yahoo. It’s important to note that it doesn’t mess with your other browsers, those stay as they are.

With Y! Plus you also get access to all Launchcast radio stations, commercial free, 100 MB storage on Briefcase (great for transferring files), unlimited online photo storage, 10 email sub-accounts on Yahoo Mail, an enhanced My Yahoo with lots of nice features and tweaks, and more.

My customized My Yahoo main page has news, email, messenger, maps, briefcase and my favorite, calendar. Calendar lets you send reminders to an email address, Yahoo messenger, and cell phone. So when I have an appointment I have Calendar send a reminder with address and phone number to my cell phone a few hours before. Very handy.

If you haven’t checked lately, you’ll be amazed at how much Yahoo has.

Yahoo free services

Yahoo premium services