Johnnie Cochran never gave up on freeing Geronimo Pratt

And after 25 years, he succeeded in doing just that.

Although the Simpson case might have been Cochran’s bravura moment on the public stage, he did not consider it his most important case. It was the long and twisted legal saga of Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt that for Cochran marked, at different points, the nadir and the pinnacle of his career.

Cochran said his biggest disappointment was watching his client, Pratt, convicted of murder in 1972.  And his greatest triumph came when a judge in Orange County reversed that conviction 25 years later.

Pratt told The Times on Tuesday that Cochran was “truly a soldier fully dedicated to making sure that the rights of the oppressed be defended.”

As for OJ, “the LA DA always blows the big cases.”