Commies invade fundie press conf

After remarks by Randall Terry — an anti-abortion activist who has been acting as a spokesman for Terri Schiavo’s family, the Schindlers — members of a group calling itself the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigades seized control of the microphones and blasted Terry as a “Christian fascist thug” trying to interfere in “the most intimate affairs of life and death.”

“[Terri Schiavo’s] brain is not functional. It’s not going to recover. Let her die in peace,” pleaded Sunsari Taylor, a member of the group.

Ever notice how the media sometimes won’t even respect the name of a group? They didn’t say Randall Terry was a member of a group “calling itself” Operation Rescue, but did so with the RCP Youth Brigade, when a 30 second Google would have shown them to be an actual group.