An opposition spokesman in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, Narynbek Kasymov, said that about 600 protesters had peacefully taken control of the (administration) building, and that police had gone over to their side.

If at least some of the police are supporting the insurgents, then the collapse of the government would appear to be near, especially since they seem unwilling or unable to use serious force to stop it.

Geopolitics at heart of Kyrgyzstan unrest

U.S. influence is very strong in Kyrgyzstan — a number of non-governmental organizations are active on its territory, and they they are financed by U.S. organizations. They are the Soros Foundation, and Freedom House. The printing press that prints opposition newspapers is actually owned by Freedom House. The head of this organization is James Woolsey, the former CIA director. And congressmen who have criticized the Kyrgyz government are in fact quite close to these power structures.

In particular, such statements were made by Senator John McCain.

In other words, these are many of the very same folks who organized the collapse of governments in Georgia and Ukraine. However, it’s not a given they have control over the insurgents this time, maybe no one does. And there are other major players too.

The anarchy that is happening there is first of all convenient for the narcotics trade. And it’s the narcotics party that has really won from all this. The road from Afghanistan to Russia goes through the Ferghana Valley.