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‘Influentials’ disproportionately read blogs

BlogAds’ second annual survey of blog readers showed the blog audience getting a bit older, a little richer a tad more female. Most interestingly, the survey showed that the blog audience contains a very disproportionate number of influentials, that minority that drives the opinions of the majority.

The recent fad of podcasting appears to be much overblown, with this very early adopter audience indicating almost no one actually listens to the audio readings of commentary. Three percent said they listened to one podcast per week. Two percent said they listened to a couple. The people indicating they listened to more than that were two few to make a blip on the graph.

Um, that would be me. Not even a blip now, but in six months, many more may be listening to multiple podcasts each week.

A plurality of the web audience spent said it spent 10 hours per week reading blogs, and the most commonly cited reason was “news I can’t find elsewhere.”