The power of blogging

My friend John at Crooks and Liars demonstrates the power bloggers can have, forcing an on-air apology from Robert Novak. Good stuff, indeed.

Crooks and Liars gets Robert Novak to issue an “on-the-air” apology.

I helped him start the blog, and still help a bit on technical blog issues, like rss and podcasting. He’s taken the blog from out of nowhere, and with his huge innovation of posting video from newscasts as well as excellent commentary, Crooks and Liars is now usually in the top five weblogs for daily traffic as tracked by Radio UserLand, the blog software we both use.

Radio UserLand reports weblog traffic for weblogs that use Radio. This is not all the hits a blog gets, but it’s an important subset of the total hits. It lists both Daily hits and All-time hits. My Daily hits generally show 500-700 during weekdays, however my WebTrends Log Analyzer, which runs off the log files on my website and is a much more accurate number, currently shows 2,000 unique visitors a day. 

Crooks and Liars is now #12 all time for Radio blogs, with this blog being #49.

Way to go, John! He happily and enthusiastically covers all the talk shows (something that would make me crazy doing, so I don’t!) and is now forcing them to get honest!

PS I’m amazed that PoliZeros is getting 2,000 people a day. I’d originally figured my politics would be too radical for that, but I guess not. Thanks for coming!