Podcasting and Google AutoLink

From Dave Winer, who was instrumental in the invention of blogs, rss news feeds, and podcasting, and who just led the charge against Google’s odious AutoLink.

One side goes down, the other goes up.

On yesterday’s radio show, the host, Laura Knoy observed that as blogs are decentralizing, the mainstream media is centralizing — coalescing into fewer and fewer larger and larger companies. I said it’s always that way. Today someone will die, and on the same day, someone else will be born. Happens every day.

Now, while it’s easy now to visualize the end of the Web, the great experiment in public access to the text airways, because the geeks at Google have figured out how to put ads everywhere, even inside other people’s web pages; we are starting up a new medium, podcasting, that’s immune to their devilish trickery! There are no links in podcasts. Heh.