Anti-Syrian protesters fill Beirut streets

The assassination of Hariri has intensified world and Lebanese opposition pressure for Syria to withdraw its 15,000 troops from Lebanon.

Update. Lebanon government resigns

Israel launches PR campaign against Syria

Islamic Jihad leaders in Damascus have claimed responsibility for a weekend suicide attack that killed five Israelis outside a Tel Aviv nightclub, but the Israeli government insists the Syrian government is responsible, too, because it allows the terrorists to operate in its capital.

Sounds like Israel, working with the neocons, are looking for a pretext, any excuse, to attack Syria. Was Syria responsible for the assassination and the suicide bombings? Could be, but this roiling of the waters seems a familiar pattern. The WMD’s in Iraq were imaginary, so also could be this demonization of Syria, and as we all know, the fictitious WMDs were used an an excuse for war. 

And Sharon, no surprise here, is already backtracking on his announced plans for peace.