L.A.: aftermath of the storms

Here in the San Fernando Valley, we are having a surprise hail storm, complete with thunder and lightning (rare for L.A.)

Last night, on the Westside of L.A., where multiple closures on Pacific Coast Highway plus many canyon road closures have forced even more traffic into this already terminally traffic-clogged area, it took us 25 minutes to drive 1/2 a mile. We finally parked and walked. More than a few friends have left L.A., not because they didn’t love the city, but because the traffic is so appalling – and getting worse every month.

We’re going to see Carter Tutti tonight at the Disney Hall downtown. And will take the subway to get there! It’s a 22 minute ride for $3 roundtrip vs. at least 45 minutes to an hour by car, plus no parking hassles. Yes, there is a subway in L.A., it doesn’t go many places, but for this performance, the subway drops us two blocks away.

Members of the legendary group Throbbing Gristle, artists, musicians and subcultural collaborators Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter give their first U.S. performance in a decade.