Discover the Errors

David Horowitz’s new website, Discover the Network, is unintentionally hilarious. He, of Frontpage Magazine, spends much time of foaming in rage at the hordes of Lefties he must fear are hiding under his bed. So, with this site, done with great seriousness and righteous indignation, he’s going to expose us all – with, y’know, research and stuff, naming names, etc.

Except that the “research” here is so shoddy and inaccurate, you wonder why he bothered. But then, someone who went from being a hardcore leftist to ultra-reactionary without even pausing for breath in the middle – well, that’s a True Believer isn’t it?  Such types tend to be utterly convinced of their correctness (even when their views change radically), devoid of humor, and hugely intolerant of others.

If you are convinced of your inerrant correctness, then factual errors concern you not. Although they may well (and should) concern others.

The following are facts I know to be true, while Distort the Network, er, Discover the Network, managed to get them wrong. I found these errors in five minutes on the site.

1) The ANSWER Coalition is not a Workers World front. I’ve been volunteering with ANSWER for 2 1/2 years now. The statement is laughably untrue to anyone involved with ANSWER or even to someone who has been to a few ANSWER meetings – but I guess they prefer circulating tired old lies to actual investigation.

2) Leslie Feinberg is not a man. “He runs Transgender Warrior.” Dear God, transgender issues must terrify them so much that they can’t even get her gender correct. Leslie is a woman and refers to herself as ‘she’, something that ten minutes of lazy research would show.

There’s many more factual errors on their site. But then, the loony right never allows bothersome facts get in the way of a good witch hunt.

Researchers. Send me their inaccuracies as you find them!