Blub blub blub

Los Angeles is not geared for heavy rain. The infrastructure can’t handle it. Streets and freeways flood, mud and rock slides close roads, destroy homes, and kill people. The canyon roads, many of which are major commuter routes, are twisty, water-clogged, and in steep ravines prone to rock slides which force closure of the canyon with the already terminally full freeways forced to take the extra traffic load.

The real danger for homes on hillsides will come a few weeks after the rains stop, the hills dry, and the cracks appear where the earth has shifted. These rains help our drought not at all. There’s no place to store the water, so it just dumps into the ocean. L.A. water comes from hundreds of miles away instead.

Over eleven inches of rain has fallen since last Thursday in the area I live in. It will rain most of today and tomorrow, with more rain coming early next week. Yikes.