And what planet is she from?

As 55 people died in Iraq on Saturday, the holiest day on the Shiite Muslim religious calendar, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said that much of Iraq was “functioning quite well” and that the rash of suicide attacks was a sign that the insurgency was failing.

Um, an increase in attacks with a large number of dead would tend to indicate to all but the terminally myopic that the insurgency is alive and kicking, doesn’t it?

Clinton, a New York Democrat, said insurgents intent on destabilizing the country had failed to disrupt Iraq’s landmark Jan. 30 elections.

“The concerted effort to disrupt the elections was an abject failure. Not one polling place was shut down or overrun,” Clinton told reporters.

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. The insurgents didn’t even try to disrupt the elections. They waited for them to be over, then attacked. This is called “guerilla warfare.” You might want to read up on it.