Update: The blog is still hiccuping after recovering from the server crash. This morning the home page had reverted back to 2/16, just before the crash. Aargh, I thought, and I haven’t even had my coffee yet! So I posted this msg as a test, to prime the pump, and the entries from 2/17-19 came back. Whew.

Then, even more psychotically, the blog software appears to have found all the missing entries (the ones from Jan 31-Feb 15 that were lost when I restored to Jan 30 after the crash) somewhere in the blog database on the server, and re-posted them.

But you can’t see them from the home page. Look at the calendar to the right. It shows entries for Feb 17-19. Click “Jan” under the calendar, then click “Feb.” You will now see entries from Feb 1-14, but nothing for Feb 17-19.

Now click “Home  ” in the upper left of this page. You will be back at the home page, with the calendar showing Feb 17-19 only.

Any Radio UserLand gurus out there who can explain what’s happening? I *think* the blog is stable. Bizarre, huh?