Had the penguins been watching SpongeBob?

Gay penguins resist ‘aversion therapy’

Attempts by a Germany zoo to “convert” its gay penguins to heterosexuality have failed the zoo’s director said Friday.

The Bremerhaven Zoo had imported four female penguins from Sweden which it hoped would split up its three gay penguin couples and turn the birds “straight”. 

But the six gay penguins were not interested in dallying with the other sex, remaining faithful to their same-sex partners.

From the clueless Zoo director

“We don’t know whether the three male pairs are really homosexual or whether they have just bonded because of a shortage of females,” says Ms Kueck in Germany’s Der Spiegel news magazine.

But she says that “gay groups worldwide have been cursing us since that announcement”.

Joe Delaplaine emails, “we’re thinking of adopting a gay penguin and keeping homophobes in a zoo, we call it ‘Aviary’ therapy.”