Global warming in the boardrooms

U.S. companies face record number of global warming shareholder resolutions.

New York State, New York City and Connecticut pension funds join labor, foundation, religious and other filers.

Oil and gas companies, electric power producers, real estate firms, manufacturers, financial institutions and automakers face a record number of global warming resolutions that have been filed by shareholders for the 2005 proxy season.

State and city pension funds and labor, foundation, religious and other institutional shareholders have filed 31 resolutions requesting financial risk disclosure and plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with nine oil and gas companies, six manufacturers, three electric power providers and two automakers.

Ocean, Arctic studies show global warming is real

A parcel of studies looking at the oceans and melting Arctic ice leave no room for doubt that it is getting warmer, people are to blame, and the weather is going to suffer, climate experts said on Thursday.